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The First Ever
Jesse James – “Six Pack System”

Designed to protect the powerful 250 & 350 series pickup trucks at work.

– Attention Potential Purchasers –

Due to reclaiming our four registered “Western Trademarks”, The Jesse James “Six Pack System” is now offered for sale!

Presenting a golden business opportunity, plus dominance of the powerful “Western Theme” throughout the auto industry, by producing and marketing this attractive, first ever “Six Pack System” that basically allows for, especially our 250 and 350 series pickup trucks to be worked to their full capacity without damage!

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“Overview” Of Jesse James Riggin’

The seeds for Jesse James Riggin’ products were sown deep in the tough Logging and Mining industry of northern Canada.

Bob Karrer, the president and founder of Jesse James Riggin’, operated a machine shop in northern British Columbia with a reputation for designing and fabricating quality, custom products that would withstand some of the toughest equipment abuse and severe weather in North America.

When Bob’s logging and mining customers came looking for heavy duty racks and cargo box protectors for their pickup trucks Bob began the work that eventually would lead to the “Jesse James Riggin’ Six Pack System.” His customers soon found that JJR Products would not only outlast the truck itself but could be transferred to the next P.U. and the next. This level of durability soon spread throughout the industry as a proven investment opportunity.

Bob’s P.U. “protectors sales” soon multiplied, but it wasn’t until Bob realized the fact that the saddle ponies our forefathers used for transportation and everyday chores have actually been replaced by our pickup trucks; this was when he knew he was on to something “big,” with the historical name Jesse James and the connection it has with the powerful “Western Theme,” so he registered his trademarks.

This “System remains” one of the most exciting and innovative items to hit the Automotive After Market in decades. When Bob unveiled his products at the “S.E.M.A. Show” in Las Vegas, the customer reaction was nothing less than stunning. He was overwhelmed by people and inquiries from all corners of the Automotive Industry including Auto Dealers, Automotive Retailers, Technical Representatives of Truck Manufacturers, and just about anyone else connected to the Auto business. Immediate deliveries were requested from special equipment buyers, Construction, Auto Racers, Agriculture, Ducks Unlimited, Movie Producers, and the Oil and Gas Industry. Al Unser, Three time “Indy winner”, was so amazed with the product he offered to become its spokesman and spent time at the show sending friends to the Jesse James booth. Jesse James Riggin’ was one of only four products written up by S.E.M.A. in their show review magazine, Truckin’ Times as most “exciting new products” at the Show.

The Jesse James Riggin’ rack and rail “System” has been over 30 years in development. This work has brought the product into an innovation and quality level that appears so far above competitive items it likely rates a category of its own.

The unique Jesse James “Six Pack” is a rack and rail system that is aimed directly at the customer of the U.S. truck manufacturers. The base product allows for a wide variety of “optional” items that may be added by customers as they choose. The opportunity for Jesse James Riggin’ to introduce an expanded product selection into the line is key to ongoing sales opportunities. The 48 ft. plus of T-slots throughout the system provides endless attachment locations for future products, limited only by ones imagination.

To All Potential purchasers & truck dealers

– For Evaluation –

As we all know, since the very first day pickup trucks were sold the demand for pickup box protection, plus ways to secure cargo, began, but obviously, has never been resolved. For this reason I have developed a cargo anchoring and protection system I named the Jesse James Riggin’ Six Pack System for work trucks. The concept of which will adapt to all manufacturers pickup cargo boxes, as I will further describe.

While designing this integrated system, my objective was to create the ultimate choice for pickup truck accessories, by simply combining usefulness, variety, and durability with quality workmanship regardless of price, plus design a forward motion appearance that would establish a sense of belonging, to maintain the pride of ownership of your attractive work trucks that all manufacturers fiercely compete to provide. This integrate system is designed to handle the maximum on the job performance, from especially your powerful 250 & 350 series, without damage to your trucks nor the system.

The extreme abuse that seems to have become standard practice, from especially loggers and miners, was the most challenging. However, the experience from this necessity turned out to become the mother of invention for this versatile, integrated Six Pack System comprising of six most popular pickup truck accessories that can all be mounted on your cargo boxes at the same time and used as an attractive, enclosed unit or mounted and used individually. Plus offers your customers 27 combinations of each other to match most of their on the job requirements. The six major accessories that make up the system are:

The attractive life saving cab guard – Anchor Rails, the foundation of the system – A cargo box liner with four storage compartments – A cargo box enclosure with forward motion design & lockable storage – Versatile anchor beams – A heavy duty, torque, rear bumper with three accessory pockets

The most valuable features of the system are sixty two lineal feet of “T” slots (for your full sized trucks) in six key locations, which provides for endless opportunities to secure cargo and useful objects to multiply your pickup trucks use. Over thirty exclusive aluminum extrusions designed for the system that bolt, interlock, slide, and/or hinge together which provide for several lockable storage areas as well as a variety of attractive cab guard combinations. When this is combined with the three accessory mounting pockets in the torque rear bumper, will create opportunities for securing cargo plus present and future designs of useful attachments limited only by one’s imagination.

The power of the Western Theme that proudly represents our historical pioneers bravery, venture, stability, plus perhaps that great self reliance feeling we all seem to get when out camping, fishing, or hunting far from the concrete jungle and traffic jams that we now call progress. A place where the historical, western broad brimmed hat, boots, and rifle are still a necessity and the awesome sounds of nature beckon for us to go back and live off the land like we used to and get off this unstoppable treadmill we all appear to be on.

The use of the Western Theme as a selling tool seems to be everywhere you look, in most cases with little or no actual connection to the products being sold. Fords success using simple western names Bronco, Pinto, Mustang, and Lariat is a perfect example of Western theme power when combined with quality products.

The Jesse James name totally connects to both the Western theme and our proud pioneer history, which dates back to the horrific civil war that involved brothers against brothers and fathers against sons. This was when “The James Gang” made their fame that is still so well remembered throughout North America.

Two unique resemblances here are the simple fact that the Saddle Pony Jesse James and our forefathers used for transportation and every day chores has actually been replaced by the “pickup truck,” plus they both are only mere transportation until you “Rig” them out with saddles, harness, cargo racks, or bed liners before you can seriously put them to work to earn their keep, or their investment, so to speak. This is why our western slang word Riggin’ was chosen. No one was in more need of faster horses and the best Riggin’ available than were The James Gang while robbing banks and trains in broad daylight for so many years.

The five registered trademarks – “Jesse James” – ‘Jesse James Riggin'” – “The James Gang” – “Jesse James Riggin’ & Design” – “Six Pack System”

For all truck dealers, the attached photographs of cargo boxes mounted on casters, with the full Six Pack System installed, will be attractive showroom packages to provide silent touch and feel sales promotion for this first ever integrated system as it enters the market place.

I believe after viewing this product display and concept of the System, you will then visualize the attractive pride of ownership it portrays, plus the “dominance” it will have of the powerful Western Theme throughout the auto industry.

While considering the “BlG” picture moving forward, especially the size of the market still waiting, I finally realized that I must find a large company who recognizes this great business opportunity and is capable and willing to “BLAST” this attractive system into the market place in exchange for: a negotiated down payment, plus a standard License agreement with a five percent royalty, that will guarantee exclusive use of all five registered trademarks. This will also speed up the plans to offer all your truck customers, especially industries, twenty seven choices to match their truck fleet orders with their work load requirements, plus allow them to be installed by their local dealer, ready for job site deliveries to start their return on investment. Or perhaps All Saddled Up To Earn Their Keep.

I will look forward to meet with the new marketers of this first ever integrated system and offer my services to help reach mass production, which will include sharing the many ideas I have in mind to make all your attractive pickup work trucks more useful.

– Market Prediction –

After reviewing this introduction package, I believe you will see the opportunity that exists here for the Jesse James name and logo plus the Six Pack System: To create a Western “Macho Man Fad” simply by target marketing your powerful heavy duty 250 & 350 series work trucks that our industries will forever demand and our “Macho Men” will insist to drive for “image,” regardless of their requirements or cost.

These Macho types, plus every truck owner, will be subjected to daily reminders of the Six Pack System each time they reach into a six pack container of their favorite beverage to quench their thirst. This unique resemblance includes Jesse James 45 (six-gun) displayed in our brochure that will fit like a glove to the Macho Men’s ego and remain constant, silent promoters of the System.

The life saving cab guard, as well as the heavy duty torque bumper should be natural attractions to “monster truckers,” as well as the lift-kit enthusiasts. When this takes place, the Six Pack System will have excellent exposure across the country for the remainder of the market to purchase only what they need or can afford. All Six Pack System truck dealers will be able to use slogans like:

“Join the James Gang” – “Saddle up with Jesse James” – “The James Gang’s in town” – “Are you still ridin’ bareback?” – “Put that fuel gulp in pony to work”.

Why the name: “Jesse James Riggin'”?

The historical name Jesse James rates high on the list of names that when “once heard” are remembered. Often described as the Robin Hood of America, was seriously wounded while attempting to surrender at the end of the civil war. For survival, he formed the famous “James Gang” with his brother Frank, robbing banks and trains in broad daylight for twenty years or more without being captured. There are many other conflicting stories that have maintained his historical popularity for the past 150 years.

I believe that most sales professionals would agree that the Western Theme is one of, if not the most, powerful selling tool there is. Especially in North America, due mainly to our proud and famous pioneer history, which included extreme poverty and slavery, followed by years of the horrific civil war that involved brothers against brothers and fathers against sons. lt was the late 1860’s when the James Gang first started robbing banks and trains for survival, due to their “bush whacking” reputation during the civil war.

My trademark agent loves the slang macho, western word (Riggin’), simply because of its broad coverage of western theme items it can represent. Our five registered trademarks classes will allow your truck dealers exclusive displays in their show rooms of western (Riggin’) such as broad rim hats, boots, belts, buckles, guns, shaps, wagon wheels, and saddles on hay bales for example, plus other appropriate articles that could please more customers to increase sales using the powerful Western Pioneer image. These items plus many more are protected by these five trademarks registered classes.

– History of the Six Pack System –

Several years have passed since my first attempt was made to market this system. After a very successful presentation at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas we were able to raise the required capital to developed this Six Pack System very close to the mass production stage, when unfortunately, the big recession that devastated the entire auto industry also caused our investor capital to run out, prior to entering the market place. This in turn, due to no proof of U.S. product sales, we lost our Jesse James trademarks in the U.S. to a motor cycle manufacturer. When at that point in time I had 6 U.S. patents with 92 claims for this unique, integrated system, unfortunately the latest one expired last February.

However, the great news is we have finally managed to reregister all the original Jesse James trademarks listed here plus the “Six Pack System” and once again, preparing to “Blast” this system into the U.S. and Canadian marketplace where it deserved to be many years ago.

Why purchase the Six Pack System?

The attractive life saving cab guard, plus the universal anchor rails are predicted to be the hottest sellers. Their forward motion design will bond the sense of belonging to your attractive pickup trucks, plus at times will match the safety of the seat belt. They are the “starting kit” for the system to give your trucks more purpose, while the remainder of the Six Pack System can be added as required, “They are the keys to more truck sales”.

The four lockable storage areas in the cargo bed liner take advantage of basically unusable space plus they will still allow 4′ x 8′ ply wood to be hauled. The four lockable storage lids can simply “slide out” of the anchor rails if desired, leaving four open accessible pockets when the lockable cargo box enclosure is used.

The heavy duty torque bumper, with connections to the cab guard as displayed here, are only the beginning of commonly needed bumper attachments that can be made available, including truck camper porches, motor bike decks, etc. Plus an over cab deck for auctioneers, movie makers, or perhaps tent camping above ground.

As previously mentioned, the Six Pack System offers your customers twenty seven combinations of added use for the cargo box, or perhaps you could say, twenty seven more reasons to purchase your attractive trucks?

Ultimately the 1999 black Ford truck photographed for this presentation, with the complete Six Pack System installed, is still in service without need of any replacement parts plus can still be transferred onto your 2019 models with little, if any, alterations required. This reputation will obviously soon spread to support attractive advertizing campaigns “as a proven investment opportunity” for all your pickup truck customers to make.

I believe it fair to say, to whoever purchases this system; their future could not be brighter, due to the huge market (still waiting.) Plus I predict their biggest problem will be to supply the demand for this first ever “integrated Six Pack System” with twenty seven choices to make your attractive work trucks more useful.

– The ultimate choice in pickup truck accessories –

To Whom It May Concern

– Facts to Disclose –

This is the first integrated system ever developed. Our unique and large selection of products is why most dealers are willing to allow our “Truck Box Display Unit” in their show rooms and on their sales lots.

This presents a golden opportunity to use their facilities.
Our dealers are set up as we need them throughout Canada and the USA.

– This is a unique situation for marketing our products –

For our dealers recommended 20% discount, we will have the benefit of their:

Financing – Sales staff – Advertising – Show rooms – Body shops – Installers

They will receive 20% commission plus benefits from all these departments

“Everybody wins here!”

All Ford, Chevy, and Dodge dealers have indicated in our research of Alberta and British Columbia, plus Washington and Oregon, that 60 to 70% of them would sign up and accept our dealer package in their show rooms and are obviously still waiting for production. However, since this research was done the price of your attractive “Work Trucks” have more than doubled along with the need for

The first ever SIX PACK SYSTEM

For further information, please contact R.B. (Bob) Karrer, President of Jesse James Riggin’ Ltd.




Box 3183, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0

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